Sunday, July 21, 2013

It Begins

Tomorrow is my first day of working out.  I'll be doing YouTube's BeFitin90.  It's free. 



It also looks painful. 

I took my before pictures tonight.  My belly.  Wooooo Lawd my belly.

I haven't been pregnant in almost 20 months.  It looks like I'm due 30 weeks ago.  And AND, my behind may have been transformed into a microwave sized Spongebob.  No one's ass should look like that. 

These before pics just lit a fire under my ass.  We'll see how good my image recall is at 4:30am.  Maybe 4:45.  Maybe 4:50. 

No I'm not posting before pics yet.  Nope.  There's got to be a comparison cause woah.  Woah.  Woah.

My ass.  Seriously, but it's more horizontal.

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